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Our Philosophy: "Intuition is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature in our formulas to enhance your well being."

Monfitello is a Canadian company headquartered in Hawkesbury, ON, with a food establishment situated in Lachine, QC -- part of greater Montreal. For sales enquiries, please click here to email us or by phone Toll Free 866-808-8889 / +1 613-632-6161

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Monfitello Inc. is a Canadian food establishment based in Montreal that specializes in food and beverages in tubes. Tube-packaged food has been popular in Europe, South America and Asia since the 1920's. Monfitello works with clients to put a variety of consumables into convenient and resealable packages that keep the flavour in, and the air out. President, Betty Pilon, who has always been health conscious, was inspired to produce something for women that would offer health benefits without the inconvenience of having to swallow supplements, or have the typical taste usually associated with herbal tinctures. Working together with Natures Formulae, and mixology stars the Martini Club, the perfect balance of herbal blends and delicious taste came together.

Natures Formulae Health Products Ltd.

Natures Formulae Health Products Ltd. is a progressive Canadian developer and manufacturer of herbal health products with over 30 years experience. Started in 1975 in BC’s beautiful Okanagan Valley as a small business with loyal clientele, the company has grown to become a leader in the formulation of liquid-based herbal health products.

Martini Club

Toronto's The Martini Club International Inc. is a team of beverage alcohol experts, custom drink designers, mixology trainers and specialty bar caterers. They are professional and passionate mixologists who are devoted to the craft of the cocktail.