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How I used my own Intuition


Intuition isn’t just a name, it’s a vision dedicated to a healthier way of living. A few years ago, I was juggling the stressful demands of work and family, while trying to eat well and exercise on a regular basis – just like you. One day I stopped to buy water and discovered the store fridge was stocked with a startling array of bright neon drinks with fancy labels … all promising me different health benefits. I read the labels and was upset to discover that some of these so-called “healthy” fortified waters contained processed sugars and synthetic vitamins. It bothered me. I thought to myself, here we are, these big beverage companies have finally been given the chance to do something right … something healthy … and they’ve completely missed the boat.

Following my own intuition, I decided to do something about it. I was a Senior Executive at a Canadian company that made aluminum and laminate tubes for products like cosmetics and foods. I had an idea. Why not create an all-natural, herbal version of those additive waters … with no added sugars, caffeine or artificial anything?

That was the beginning of a series of wonderful discoveries. My life-long interest in herbal medicine led me to Barbra Johnston, the founder of Natures Formulae Health Products Ltd., Barbara is an expert in herbal medicine and her company is the leader in making liquid-based heath products. Together, Barbra and I created Intuition. With my packaging background and Barbra’s expertise in science, we developed the founding formulas for Intuition “My Vitality”, “My Stress” and “My Waistline”.

Then I made my third discovery. For most of us, medicine = bad taste. I turned to Toronto-based company, “The Martini Club” co-founder and mixtress, Michelle Hunt to infuse our idea as Intuition’s “flavour maker”. Michelle is an expert on developing exceptional flavours and forecasting taste trends. Well, she didn’t disappoint. I think you’ll agree, Intuition’s addictive, sophisticated, all-natural flavours are a far cry from those “Blasting Energy Berry” additive water drinks.

So here we are, and that’s the story behind My Intuition. I believe that health is paramount to happiness and I never take mine for granted. I hope you try Intuition and drink to your own health. Please share your own Intuition story with us. Through sharing comes learning. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Take care,
Betty Jean Pilon

"Intuition is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature in our formulas to enhance your well being."

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About Monfitello Inc.

Monfitello Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of food and beverage products in tubes. The Montreal-based company is a federally registered food business, conducting research and development producing and co-packaging a variety of food and beverage products in its specialized, innovation award-winning format.

Monfitello is a sister company of Montebello Packaging North America’s leading supplier of aluminum and laminate tubes to the pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetic and food industries. Montebello Packaging is a division of the Jim Pattison Group, the third largest privately owned company in Canada.