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Tiffany Eversley is our very own in house food and nutritional science expert. She holds a bachelors degree in Food Science from the University of Guelph, and is in the process on completing her masters in Nutrition at the University of Montreal. Her current research focuses on the contributing antioxidant potential of foods within the diet. Prior to joining the Monfitello team, Tiffany worked at a prominent weight loss center in the Montreal area and as a nutrition activity co-ordinator for an after school program developing and creating activities for children between the ages of 6 and 18.

As a self-proclaimed foodist, Tiffany’s goal is to spark conversation and educate others of not only the technical but of the functional and medicinal properties of food. Her approach draws upon recent evidence based information within the realms of alternative medicine, food and nutritional sciences and delivers it in a clean and comprehensible format.

Tiffany is currently our Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs Supervisor at Monfitello and would be glad to answer any product, food and/ or nutrition related questions.

Reader Questions

Can any of your products be given to children?

Sincerely, Lynn

Is California poppy extract used for pain and is it sold on Hemet, Indian wells, San Jacento , or Palm Springs, CA?

Sincerely, Terri

Is it okay to take all 3 of the different tubes everyday. I would like to take 1 of each daily.

Sincerely, Arie, Westmount, QC

I would like to know which blends are suitable for pregnant women.

Sincerely, Elisa, Toronto

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